What Do You Need on Your Website?

Designing a website is a much more time-consuming process then many people think. There are many small details, which can initially appear unnecessary but can crop up later and be of great importance.

Here we will outline a few of the necessities when building a business site to help you avoid some of these unexpected pitfalls.

Who Are You?

This critical, yet oft missed, section is hugely important. A clear description of you and your services will greatly aid your ability to engage with customers. This will also help people to know that they are actually at the correct website ‒ one that will meet their needs and make them stay that little bit longer.

A web address that follows the theme and explains exactly what the brand is about will also help, something simple and preferably owned, without the excessive extensions that free domains employ.

Clear and Simple

A well-designed site is imperative to keeping customers happy. Make sure everything is easy to find, with clear links, an easy menu, and a search option. Your contact information should be well placed making it easy to find.

A popular suggestion is to place it on the right side of the footer which then makes the information occur on every single page of your website. Include as many contact options as you can, email, phone, social media sites. Make yourself available.

Working with the Customers

Testimonials from clients go a long way to creating trust in your product. Other guests seeing honest words from people like them will find their interest piqued and possibly lead them to become a new client.

This kind of testimony can be very important when making a website for a café or restaurant. Calls to action create clear links as to what the goal of the site is. They also help push the customer easily to the areas of the site that you want them to visit. Clear navigable buttons avoid any customers getting lost in a maze of pages and words.

Customers can also get bored easily, especially if you have managed to attract returners. Update content regularly making it new. This will ensure that people will indeed come back to see what new things for them to try out or purchase.

Overall, a clean and clear website is key to what your business is about and how you intend to go about doing it. Honesty and openness will bring visitors again and again.