Make Your Website User Friendly

Creating a customer oriented website is a must. Most people do not have time to figure out where they should go, where they need to click etc. It should be simple and quick, and here are some quick tips on how to achieve this.

Keeping It Simple

First, the way through the website, the navigation, should be straightforward. It needs to follow a logical flow, one that would appeal to the customer. Each section and page should be named correctly with short, informative titles that directly relate to the content provided there. A simple menu bar is a must. And if there are many pages, create sub menus or a side menu bar to avoid overcrowding which can also become somewhat overwhelming to your visitors.

The navigation should also be placed at the top or on the left of the page. In general, people read from left to right, so the left is the first place they look. Catch their eye at the start and carefully lead them into the website. And just to make it even easier, add a search bar option. If for some reason a client is having difficulty finding the item they need, this will save them time.

All this can be aided by a clear colour scheme and highlights on the menu bar which can help indicate to the guest exactly where they are. Linking headings as a pathway can also show clients where they are and how they got there. Simple call to action buttons and links also provide simple and easy navigational tools to direct clients instantly to where you want them.

What to Write?

Following on from the above, it is imperative to keep the content and explanations simple. Keyword usage helps build trust and familiarity with you and the client. And in general, use simple lay terms when describing things. If someone doesn’t understand, they will simply leave and never come back.

Photos can also detract rather than make things simpler, so be sparing with them, especially if you want to make the perfect e-shop, don’t crowd the page. Clarity of the text is a must. Make sure it is a readable font and make any links stand out.

A few other bits to bear in mind are making sure to add your contact information in the footer of the website. This means it will show up on every page. And determine whether or not to go mobile. Follow these tips, and you will attract, and keep, clients.