Important When Making a Website for a Café or Restaurant

It is important when making a business website to directly engage with the customer. Provide clear information on what you aim to provide and do so in an easy manner. However, there are some points to consider when doing so for a specific business such as a restaurant; after all, food is so important.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started and cook up that perfect website.

For Starters

The basic first step is to keep it simple. Much as most websites demand, keep the set-up simple with not too many pages. For a restaurant, a simple home page, menu, contact us, about us, and review pages should suffice. Don’t clog the page with too many unnecessary things. Sticking to something that is customer friendly and easily navigable is key.

When it comes to restaurant sites, colour is important. Whilst any colour scheme can be used, it is very common to find restaurants with themes of brown, red, black, or white. And yes, you can use any colour you would like, but these four do have specific context.

For example, brown is a symbol of stability or reliability, white is fresh and clean, black, the power of creating (plus food looks great on a black background) and lastly, red. You might want steer away from red unless you are advertising fast food as it tends to symbolize secret passions.

Bon Appetite

It is also important to know the audience you are aiming for. This can have significant bearing on the type of website you design. Is it a café near a university? Then young people are the key. Perhaps you are near a business park, on a commuter’s pathway, or maybe you are looking at an even older generation. Whatever the clientele, it is important to know their tastes and styles when building your website.

Now the Entrée

Make yourself relatable. A clear and easy contact form is a must if you would like the all-important feedback or the even more exciting future bookings. An email or phone contact is fine for a beginner site, but if you want true interaction, a well-planned out contact form with sections for specific enquiries is a must have. Plus, adding that map to your site will make it that little bit simpler for people to find you!

Social networks are also a great place to link to and spread the word about yourself. The interaction will make you relatable, and once that occurs you will start to gain trust. Trust, as we know, makes the world go around, so gain the trust, and you gain customers. Make sure to have an open and welcoming online presence that makes clients feel comfortable with you and, by default, what you are offering.

And for Dessert

Finally, at the end of the day it’s about your food. Showcase it! High quality photographs will lure people in with the temptation of the glorious feast that you are about to provide.